Customs Clearance

We are a leading company having good experience in the field of customs clearing and forwarding for various cargos viz:

  • Capital Goods
  • Raw Materials
  • Consumables
  • Other Trading Items

We offer services at Chennai (Air & Sea), Bengaluru (Air & ICD) & Tuticorin (Sea & ICD)

Export Handling

  • Perishable nature cargo
  • Coir products
  • Handicrafts
  • Drugs / Pharma products
  • Statues / Garments / Designing materials
  • Printed magazine and books
  • Medical equipments
  • Audio / Video Cd's/Dvd's/Mp3's
  • Water purifying chemicals
  • Iron bars /coils
  • All Engineering Goods
  • Mechanical seating cables for automotive vehicles


We have very good business relationship with people in regard to warehousing for more than a decade. Which includes:

  • Customs bonded warehouse
  • Cold storage warehouse
  • Cargo warehouse
  • Other perishable cargo warehouse
  • Strong rooms

Transport Coordination

We have very good relationship with all leading / reliable transporters for moving cargo within India and world wide with timely delivery.

Reliable Services

Custom liaison work.

International Freight Forwarding.


There are two types of EPCG schemes available for clearance .

TYPE A: Under this scheme we have to pay customs duty @ 3% on assessable value and educational cess @ 2% + 1% on basic duty while all other duties remain nil.

TYPE B: Under this scheme payment of total customs duty is exempted.

We handle all EPCG clearances.

Export Boosting

Various schemes offered for Export Boosting .

  • MEIS (Merchandise Export India Scheme)
  • DFIA
  • EPCG